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A first step in the Smart Start Package with a free of charge ICME Training. Choose your favourite and learn from our experts.

What’s Smart Start package ?

The best solution to speed-up your learning curve with Digimat and MaterialCenter. With the Smart Start package, you will get :

  • Trial license of 2 months
  • 8h training
  • 8h web assistance

In the frame of the ICME conference, this package is offered for 1.990€ (40% discount). Get access to it by following our introductory training !


The training sessions:

MaterialCenter : Introduction to the Material data management

October 13 at 9:30-11:30 (CET)

Materials data is a critical asset for many industries. With the exponential growth of the use of materials, MaterialCenter has within its reach a material schema definition available that enables you to easily import all material records. Within a centralized location that ensures accessibility, reliability and traceability of all materials related activities, an Excel Add-In can be used for mapping data and a direct integration allows the generation of CAE models. Moreover, MaterialCenter can be connected to various external databanks like Senvol, MMPDS-08 and MMPDS-11, CMH-17, NCAMP,… to offer to engineer a large source of material information.
During this session, our expert will present you the major capabilities of MaterialCenter.

Keywords: external databanks, traceability, security, mapping, data management.

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Digimat : Introduction to Virtual material development with ICME Solution

October 14 at 9:30-11:30 (CET)

The multi-scale material modeling techniques have paved the way for virtual screening. The virtual testing of different microstructural configurations enable as well the selection of the best design candidates (which fiber, which resin, which amount of fibers, …) as the creation of virtual test data. As the needs for experimental characterization quickly blow up, a minimal quantity of input test data can be leveraged to reduce the number of experimental measurements, time and cost. Digimat-MF and Digimat-FE capabilities are combined to propose an accurate and easy to use solution for Virtual Material Development.
During this session, our expert will explain you how to use Digimat-MF and Digimat-FE to do material screening and optimize your material system.

Keywords: composite, stiffness, strength, accuracy, efficiency, cost, mean-field homogenization, full-field homogenization, end-to-end solution.

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Digimat : Introduction to Virtual material testing with ICME Solution

October 15 at 9:30-11:30 (CET)

Virtual material testing enables an extensive testing and a better understanding of the material behavior. The effect of different defects on the mechanical properties can be analyzed and compared with pristine materials. For instance, a waviness defect induces varying thickness and volume fractions. The workflow also enables to study initial delamination and AFP gaps. Intraply and interply porosities will affect the ply and the ply and interface properties respectively. Digimat-VA and Digimat-FE offers to engineers the tools to compute the allowable of continuous fiber composite (UD and woven) but also the capability to evaluate the effect of defects inside these composites on their performance.
During this session, our expert will demonstrate you how to use together Digimat-VA and Digimat-FE to evaluate the performance of your continuous fiber composite including the consequence of defects.

Keywords: allowable, stiffness, strength, variability, defects, continuous fibers composite.

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Digimat : Material inside the part, prediction of part performance with ICME Solutions

October 16 at 9:30-11:30 (CET)

Continuous fiber reinforced composites are well known for their outstanding properties in an increasing number of high-performance applications. To get there, the manufacturing processes have an important role to play, affecting the microstructure and the material inside the part. In this framework, the warpage of a component is analyzed from different perspectives. On the one hand, the curing process is studied and on the other hand the continuous fiber fabrication process is reviewed.
Focus will be made during this session on two topics. First the curing of thermoset composite and the effect of this process on the design of the part. Second the 3D printing process with Markforged printer and their reinforced filaments. Our expert will explain you how to use the Digimat solution to predict the part performance in both cases.

Keywords: curing, 3D printing, spring-back, continuous fibers composite, stiffness, strength

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